The Ant

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Yesterday, i attended one public lecture was organised by my faculty and join with FPPSM. The topic of public lecture was Principles of  Islamic Management Implementation and Challenges for The Ummah, speaker by Prof. Dr. Muhammad A. Al Buraey.

I was wonder when the speaker took Surah an Naml as the embark of existence Islamic Management. He said that, the dialogue between prophet Sulaiman and the bird as we known ‘woody woodpecker’ told how Islam teaching the ummah the way of Islam management. As the surah also was name ‘the ants’ it also predict the behaviour of the ants, the way of ants working, their hardworking and proper management.

If the insects didn’t have a brain, but can manage with amanah dan integrity, so do human can desire far from that. But we can’t. Coz of the laziness manner that always hiding on us.

So, watch out your laziness. Be shame to the ants.


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