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One of the most crucial thing that i realize and people didn’t realize on what Yahoo News said about “Boehner quits debt talks with obama” dated 22 July 2011. From what i had read from the issue, the Republican were ‘out of time’ to deal with American debt issues.

As the problem become panic, Obama was insisting on increasing tax revenue collected from the rich and wealthy corporations. That’s why Boehner quits from negotiation. Boehner said, ‘as a former small businessman, I know tax increases destroy jobs’.

Ok, what i want to say is, Islam has a way to solve this problem as a Prophet Muhammad s.a.w created Islamic nation. One of the Islamic principle thought is paying the zakat. Only the qualifier will accept the zakat money, one of them is ‘debter’. Islam clarifying the meaning of ‘debter’, thats mean not all debter will get zakat money. From a short explanation, an Islamic way is the solver of all human kind problems.

Islam moves forward..


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