My Journey

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My journey was related to distance from Ipoh to Johor Bahru. It takes about 8 hours to get to your destiny. If u ask me which are better between driving with your own car or just buying the ticket bus and let the bus drive for you, surely i prefer riding with the bus. Why ? The answer is, if you spent a lot of time with driving in your life, surely you will choose the bus. You can relax your mind and body, but the most important think is safe your pocket. How about safety ? Time ?

All this matter depends on you, fear, worry, feel not safe was not only the constant voices that play on your head always, it also came when u are driving with your own. Is it ?

First i want to share with you the opportunity when you are riding with the bus is, you can meet a lot of people. I mean not ‘awek’ la. Becoz some of the teenager, took this granted to tackle and flirt with ‘awek’. Booked double seat perhaps one ‘awek’ will seating beside.

But me as observer, i always looking what are the people were needed, and from there you will know what are the world need. Maybe we are thinking about convenience facilities, but it doesn’t mean anything, but what i meant is the interaction between people in one community and society that free from rushing and running for ‘dunia’ purpose, but rushing and running for Allah sake.

My explanation is simple, when you sat at the bus stop, you will seen many people surrounded us, that have their purpose or intention to where they are going ? And for what purpose ? Marrying ? Visiting ? Studying ? Working ? or something else. All these need can be diverting to worship for Allah if people make sense, when you strict to the worshipping of Allah, they is know ‘evil’ behaviour in your purpose. It’s all about your wish, as long as you hold on your sacred intention, Allah will reward along your journey.

Believe me. 


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