Old and lonely

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I want to thank to the New Sunday Times dated 24 July 2011 for highlighting a very significant and meaningful social issue concerning our society about parent and their reality now. I wish to pen my thoughts over this subject.

An ageing population can be found in countries all over the world. It is sad but true that today, more and more old people everywhere are being neglected by their children and relatives. Many of these old folk are left on their own and forced to work and look after themselves as their children no longer care for them. Besides facing financial woes in old age, these old folk have to go through life alone without children by their side. Many are miserable. Those who are ill are even more desperate.

As muslims, it is the norm and must for us to accommodate and care for our aged parents in our homes. Parents have to depend on the goodwill of their children, but sadly, the number of elderly citizens homeless is growing. They are abandoned by their families in today’s very materialistic and selfcentred way of life. Many of our traditional values, including love and filial piety, are slowly disappearing under present economic and social conditions. At the last, they sent their parents to welfare homes just because of financial ruining that facing the children. This is the matter of financing, how about the matter of childish parents, their uncontrolled behavior, can we deal with it ?

Our society simply must realize that it is their responsibility and Islam has teaching to take care and look after their parents no matter what the circumstances. They must not run away from responsibility. Parents must be treated with devotion and dignity for without them, what and where will we be today ?

Think about it.


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