Day: 18/12/2011

A Long ‘Ghuyub’ Time

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It’s a long time for me do not update this blog. Nowadays i having a busiest moment in my job or due of lacking manageable time. For me now, the time is too precious. One minute can change the world but the most essential is, your iman also would be high and low in one minute. That’s why al Quran always reminding that the clock is ticking. Some people maybe realize and a lot doesn’t.

I have a couple of stories wanna tell to everybody through this blog since i have been ‘ghuyub’. Because we all sharing a similar sentiment. As long as u are Muslim it doesn’t mean that u can hide and disappearing from called (dakwah) task. There is no exception from this job, unless u are not Muslim.

The best way to make our Iman to be more senses is touching the most sensitive issues. That’s why Islam is so very sensitive, in order to protect our Ummah from improper attitude and manner.

What topic i am ready for discussing about ? Follow me.