Day: 20/12/2011

Respondant To Islamic Higher Education

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Nowadays, many institution are shaping their policy to attract a lot of students in sustaining enrolment in order to make money and providing the best way of study. For those who son’s or daughter’s tycoon there are no problem at all. But for the people ‘kais pagi makan pagi’, they have no money and always becoming uneducated. It seems that, the role of higher education now is to accelerate and make profit like MLM.

Let’s say, someone had graduated from one institution in Malaysia. This student will promote to their siblings, relatives, friends in blog, fb, twitter and so on with explanation why should you choose this institution and why not others. Originally, its like more an opinion and experience to them, but apparently it’s become promoting the core business and generate profit. The diffrent is, the MLM will pay each ‘air liur’ which did you promoted, but this doesn’t.

I like to respond to article that has been written by Prof. Dr. Dzulkifli Abdul Razak on NST dated December 18 2011, he said ‘ financial resources seem to be the main determinant of how universities will be shape in order to survive. Currently, many countries have resorted to increasing fees several folds even in areas that are traditionally not acceptable to do so. Already there are alarming consequences. Students are postponing their studies because of the need to earn enough money to purse tertiary education. In some cases, reportedly, this has caused a drop in enrolment ‘.

If we are looking to the principal of Islamic studying in era enlightenment of knowledge Abbassiyah Caliph, the Islamic studies was totally free and no charge at all. Al-Azhar university, Islamic University of Medina traditionally took this opportunity for along time and they are still practices this method, providing free educational to whom are greedy to learn Islamic studies. But in Malaysia, why this policy has not been yet practices ? The best answer is, there is no free charge today even you make enrolment with toilet also should pay 30 cents per enter.

When i referring to the opinion of Imam Ghazali thoughts, in his book ” Ihya Ulumuddin “ you will find the important of Islamic studies to the world and why Allah always keep this studies from generation to other legacy without paying much money to be an Ulama’. It’s also reasonable and no wonder why Imam Ghazali named his book with Ihya Ulumuddin, it means re-alive Islamic studies. In other way, we should learn how these universities can producing the great Ulama without paying any fees to reach tertiary education. We have to learn.