Entering A New Life

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Commonly, most of the people doesn’t know how to share a problem and which is the best way to release and solve it. At last, they keep quiet and saving a lot of problem until it bushes and become tumors. Islam has the way to cheer it and most of the people doesn’t want to take this opportunity even there a alarming consequences.

Like Imam Ghazali said in his book Ihya Ulumuddin, we shall have one that we called “guru mursyid” to guidance us the faith path that we are believing the advisor is always keep our secret not disclosure to other people. But is guru mursyid is still existence in this globalization era ? And how we want to identified him ?

As what was happened to the western, upon people having a lot of trouble, somebody will going to church and discussing with his Father to demolish the sins that what they have done. But Father is not a god. He just an advisor to bring people the right way of life. For a sinner, they always realize if the sin was demolished, it will make the life truly happiness. It means the sin is a disease.

For me, if anyone having a problem, they also have their rights to share with other people. That’s why the counselor is a great job and making high profit in western and i am not arguing with this facts. For a muslim, if you haven’t any guru mursyid, reciting al Quran, remembering Allah, make assessment (muhasabah) to change and be a better person and read a lot of books about the companion of our Prophet, it will not make you regret, and that is the way that we are should entering it.

Make your days always with Iman and be humble, its keep you an energetic.


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