Suratkhabar Lama

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I’m hated read newspaper now. Most of newspaper. What newspaper’s ? You count it how much newspaper in Malaysia, and u will know then. Almostly, i had read a lot of newspaper. But many of newspaper is not entertaining the beautiful of Iman and Islam, the power of knowledge, the significant of polite and respecting others, the essential of facts and research and the most important things is not crap and “fitnah”.

I’m hate not of because it’s full with hedonism, gossip between artist and entertainment, but it’s about speculator for the whole issues, such as political, economy and society that doesn’t tell the truth and outside of  what are really happened now. I’m sad. How dare a group of journalists creating a crap news, separating fitnah’s fire into society and rips an amanah that should be taken seriously by them and at the end, we will seen many people surrounding by liar news, hating each other just because of newspaper.

To whom it may concern, not fingering to government as well, i mean to people that loving the purely amanah news, should gagging the newspaper that always keep fitnah as their main news, and banned it from to take apart in mainstream newspaper.


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