Islamic And Current Issues

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Islamic and current issues is the most important subject to me. Although it just only elective subject for Utm’s student, but its quite effective to disclosure student the important to be a good Muslim. For this semester, i taught two classes FGHT. Most of my students are Muslim and a plenty of them are non. But respectively, i’m impress with my non Muslim students, their participated on this subject was very excellent.

This week and till next, will be the last classes, and then study week and lastly final. The time is going too fast. Too fast and too furious to me, hehe. This statement is not referring to the film hah. And i’m also done my responsibility displaying their carry mark at E-learning. Even for this semester i had carried just two classes only, but i’m truthly enjoying these classes. But sadly, this subject is elective portion. I can’t imagine how beautiful is it, if Islamic and engineering or science or medic subject becomes one, compulsory to all student Muslim. At this moment, the magnificent of Islam will appearance and i want to be among that contribute this agenda. Amiin.


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