Day: 26/12/2011

I’m Recovered

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Since yesterday my healthy was not good enough. I’m feel very tired and i don’t know how to cure it. Firstly, my stomach vibrates and followed with migration and then my entire body feel weaken. My neighbourhood, Haider gave me Pil Chi Kit Tek Aun and couldn’t  recover it. I spent a lot of time to sleep and when i got up, it couldn’t refresh my body simultaneously. Maybe for along time i couldn’t sleep very well that’s why it happened, for sure it make me worried. As long as i expect this disease wouldn’t seems seriously, i wanted to be a patient and the same time as a doctor. It’s too early for rushing to hospital or clinic. I began with surfing an internet, searching and looking the signs of the disease,  and then identified, at the last a long listed of medicine that should have be taken daily or weekly.

Alhamdulillah. Praise to Allah because still give me a breathe and good healthy of mind and body that could still keep me a chance to make some contribution to Islam. It’s make me really pop hah. If Allah doesn’t bestowed his pleasure to us, how we wanna feel these kind of happiness and prosperity. I’m recovered after two days. Thank you Allah.