How Damn History Without Isnad

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Hang Tuah and his Companion, Mahsuri, Puteri Gunung Ledang are the famous and similar for Malaysian’s historical. Indeed the sources of those stories still not re-evaluate by historian, its like a truth stories and not a myth or epic. From point of me, an epic still based on true story which has been defined by Malay Dictionary (Kamus Dewan) but to compare with Islamic doctrine evaluation, its unacceptable. Islamic methodology must strictly based on Hadeeth in entire subject and act. And Hadeeth must have proper isnad. With these isnad, the fact will be define as truth or fraud. Thats why, i’m bringing this topic to make some discussion between historical methodology and Hadeeth methodology in order to assess the purity of information and fact.

Most of our historical story was based on perception. If one of Malaysia historian was a Prof, he has his own opinion contrary with others. When we asked what book did he referred, he listed and we started searching the books. After we got the books, we read and begin make conclusion. Lastly, was perception. Why i’m saying like that ? Upon you make reference from these books, there was no sources from the origin character. Let’s say, Hang Tuah and his Companion was founded on 15th century, but truthful sources of the Hang Tuah stories was book History Of Malaya by Richard O. Instedt. He was born on 2 August 1878 and died on 2 June 1966. He’s not Malaysian, but British. How non of Malaysian didn’t note these important historical ? Can you make believe the person that live in 19th century had wrote and made prediction and prophecy that was happened on 16th century ? It’s ridiculous, unless they were isnad that proven these facts.

As we know, when come to the Islamic historical, its should stand with isnad whether came from Hadeeth or A’thar or scholars statement. Instead we can’t argue the separate of time of the old scholars of Hadeeth and the modern historians lately, in fact they both have their great deal in the field of criticism. They both had such great manner that should we practices to fulfill in seeking the truth. The historian investigates the origin source whether or not it has been changed or disavowed in the course of its transmission, the sahih meaning of the testimony and to reassure the witness is competent(ad Dhobtu) and truthful. These particular of method directly fingered to the source may be either a Successor, a Companion or the Prophet himself. The exercise in which scholars of Hadeeth establish this information by going through investigation of the isnad, without Hadeeth the history has no value. It is significant for the purposes of Islam to identify whether the Islamic practices today which based on Hadeeth or fraud. Contrary almost of Malaysian history didn’t stand with this methodology, as we said the history today was made by perception of historians outside from sahih sources. Could you evaluate for us the Bukit Kepong stories ? Ada berani ?

4 thoughts on “How Damn History Without Isnad

    arshad said:
    11/08/2012 at 7:26 am

    Assalamualaikum Ustaz, what is the meaning of isnad?

      Naem responded:
      11/08/2012 at 11:09 pm

      Waalaikumussalam Arshad, precisely u ask a good question. Isnad is what we call as ‘perawi’ who is spreading hadith from other person to another until reached at us.

    arshad said:
    12/08/2012 at 7:40 am

    thank you Ustaz

      Naem responded:
      12/08/2012 at 7:55 pm

      Sama2 Arshad.

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