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Last night i played badminton at Johor Jaya. Commonly, during Tuesday and Friday night i’ll spare my time joining the Kelab Badminton Habibillah (K.B.H) to sharp our skills like Lee Chong Wei or Lin Dan. Hehehe. I have been joining this club since 2 months ago and keep playing without any suitable partner yet. Alhamdulillah, at least i have a place to keep my stamina become energetic, rechargeable dan release my moody and tension for a week. One of the most important thing you join the club is to make friend and networking. And when your networking widespread and broaden, as usual you can sharing knowledge, skills, experience and many more.

My first impression when joining the club was awesome, because almost of the member are high skill trainers. That means, if u play ‘cap ayam’ and no opportunity to improve your game, its humiliate. Playing badminton its just not to keep your body warm, but to keep u play well and be good competitor. At every age we are playing, don’t ever try to underestimate your opponent. Learn to respect others and be proffesional. Until soon you just not becoming a good player but good in habit and proper attitude.

I’m also had a chance took 2 photos and attach to this blog. U will see how fantastic were played. Sometimes it will take about 1 hour to finish the game when you facing the giant. I’m just only small ant and no longer active as i’m younger back. Actually, our game full with hilarious, rumors and jokes. Because half of our member are senior, from age within 45 years old to 60 years old. No wonder if the senior is always give commitment rather junior. Don’t say when they were 60 years old, their skill also old alike. Trust me, if you play with them, you can never beat them with single blow.

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