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Al Fatihah To Ust. Dr. Ismail’s Father (Hj. Mustari bin Karjo)

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At the morning, Ust. Nurazmallail called me informed that Ust. Dr. Mohd Ismail bin Mustari father’s had pass away at his house at Felda Bukit Ramun, Kulai. I shocked about this new and hurry up to go there as soon as possible. The funeral will be at 9.30am. I on my gps to locate the destiny, but it doesn’t worked. Maybe my gps was ayam branded. So i thinking to call Ust. Idris Ismail and Praise to Allah because he still not on the way to go there, and the same time he also thinking to find partner to go to Felda Bukit Ramun. I accompanied Ust. Idris.

We failed to reach the destiny at the moment of the funeral. Directly we went to Ust. Dr. Ismail father’s house. Many people were rushing to wish a huge of condolences to Ust. Dr. Ismail including me. I huged Ust. Ismail and the huged wasn’t ordinary. This kind of hug is the sign of sadness, patient for what happened and ‘redha‘ for what Allah did to him and his family. I had a little conversation with Ust. Ismail and he passionately story to me for what happened to his father during 2 days before he pass away. For me, Ust. Ismail doesn’t as my Tuan Guru, but his also as my brother and my idol.

I took a long breathe to see what had happened today, because two weeks ago, i had just gave Maghrib lecture at Pulai Perdana Mosque, replaced Ust. Azhar and the topic that i discussed was “Ahwalul Qubur” (the chaos of the grave) by Imam Qurtubi and its keep me sense to look forward to get preparing for the next world. Many of us are always happy, greedy to make a lot of money and still not satisfy with the wealthy that have been achieved and the consequences of that, it will keep you hooked from thinking to invest a lot of  fund for the day afterlife and unfortunately we will not thinking about the death.

Ust. Ismail’s father was died at the age 80 years old. His destiny is confirm and so us. But the matter for us is the time. But to Haj Mustari bin Karjo he was the luckiest father because Allah has bestowed him a “waladun solehun” that always keep funding and rewarding to him until the day afterlife.

I’m asking myself “can i be a waladun solehun” (good son that always sending reward to his parent upon their dead)?

The Meaning Of Togetherness

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I took this opportunity to wish Barokallah La Kuma Wa Baroka Alaikuma Wa Jamaa’ Bainakuma Fi Khair to Sharul bin Abdul Razak that getting married with Nurul Husna on yesterday, Saturday 28/01/2012 at the Tun Teja Community Hall, Rawang, Selangor.  Sharul is IT Officer at UTM Corporate Sector that conducted the whole of UTM website and his wife was a fresh graduate medicine doctor. Congratulations for both of them, hopefully their marriage will sparkling with blissfulness and always getting continuous blessing from Allah S.W.T.

To my loyal friends and my neighbourhood such as Fadhil (Phd student in Science Com., beside me wearing sunglasses), Malik (Engineer a.k.a M.A student, behind me and near with the bride), Hafis (Programmer, also behind me and near to Fadhil) and Haider (M.A student of Science Com., wearing MU shirt) and the rest were their friends in the same faculty and reunited during this occasion. Actually, we are coming from the same roof of UTM, and i was appreciated to them because very pleased to pick me up at my sister’s house at Klang even they were already reached at Shah Alam and turn back to Klang just to realize the meaning of togetherness. Without their kindness, i really can’t go to Sharul’s wedding.

When i had mentioned about the meaning of togetherness, it will make my mind remembering to somebody that always keep me thinking until now ‘when ever we are facing any misunderstood@crisis that could rumors our relationship, we should solve it with togetherness’. This advice always popped at my head to put me and myself describing how the important of honest, loyal and trustworthiness in any relationship.

At the end, wishing Sharul & Husna happiness with their marriage and Barokallah La Kuma for the second time.

Millions Of Sorry :(

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Yesterday, on 27 January 2012, on my way to my sister’s house at Jalan Kebun, Klang  accidently i had a doom day. I drove my brother in-law’s (Zailan) car and hit the divider road at section 9, Shah Alam nearest  Celcom Centre. I thought the accident was too heavy because the sound was frightened me. But Alhamdulillah, its just a simple crack (i guess, but others maybe not) under the body car. Apparently, 2 policemen came and asked about the problem and one ‘hamba Allah’ also gave a help to us. I would like to wish Jazakallah Khairal Jaza’ for those who being kind to assist us.Why i drove my brother in law’s car ? Because, before we went to Klang, Zailan had asked me to help him drive his car instead he also doesn’t know the way to my sister’s house, otherwise i was thinking to save his energy before he goes back to Terengganu together with my young sister, Nurjihan. May Allah protects them along the journey.

I want also to apologize to Zailan because not proper in driving his car until was occured an accident. Millions of sorry.

Moral : Don’t just said sorry, but try to feel the owner conscience even his pleased for what happened.

Islamic Thought : The compensation is compulsory accordance to Islamic Jurisprudence, then the case closed.

Supaya Dia Tahu…

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Hidup ini sebenarnya penuh misteri. Tiada siapa yang mampu menduga siapa diri kita hari ini dan siapa diri kita esok hari. Bila seseorang itu tidak mengetahui apa yang tidak mampu diketahui, adalah menjadi kemestian untuk bergantung kepada Maha Mengetahui. Meletakkan sepenuh penyerahan bahawa Allah pentadbir dan pengurus kehidupan manusia hari ini dan hari-hari esoknya. Sekaligus menjadi petunjuk betapa lemahnya, kerdilnya kudrat dan iradat manusia dalam menentu segala hal.

Sebagai contoh:

Ketika Nabi Muhammad s.a.w berhijrah ke Thaif untuk berdakwah selepas kewafatan isterinya Saidatina Khadijah binti Khuwailid dan bapa saudaranya Abu Thalib, sambutan terhadap dakwah yang disampaikan itu telah disambut dengan linangan darah dan airmata. Sepatu Rasulullah s.a.w menjadi besen menadah darah Rasulullah s.a.w mengalir, membuatkan baginda Rasulullah s.a.w lari dan berlindung di bawah pokok sambil berdoa dan merintih akan lemah dirinya. Persoalannya, mengapa perkara ini terjadi kepada Rasulullah s.a.w ?

Supaya dia (baginda) tahu bahawa kemenangan Islam itu semakin hampir.

Saidina Abu Bakar as Siddiq ada seorang anak yang bernama Muhammad bin Abu Bakar, sejak kecil lagi Saidina Abu Bakar telah menyerahkan penjagaan anaknya itu kepada Saidina Uthman bin Affan. Setelah mana Saidina Uthman bin Affan menjadi khalifah yang ketiga selepas kewafatan Saidina Umar bin al Khattab, Muhammad bin Abu Bakar ini telah dewasa. Pemerintahan Islam semakin meluas ke seluruh dunia dan telah berjaya melepasi Byanzantine. Namun, persoalannya kenapa Saidina Uthman tidak melantik Muhammad bin Abu Bakar ini sebagai gabenor ?

Supaya dia (Muhammad bin Abu Bakar) tahu bahawa beliau masih tidak berkemampuan lagi untuk dilantik  menjadi gabenor.

Dalam novel yang dikarang oleh Prof. Dr. Hamka bertajuk “Tenggelamnya Kapal Vanderwick” beliau telah menceritakan bahawa Zainuddin adalah seorang pemuda yang mendambakan cinta Haryati. Akhirnya Haryati telah berkahwin dengan lelaki pilihan bapanya. Zainuddin kecewa dan membawa diri keluar negara menuntut ilmu tetapi cinta Zainuddin terhadap Haryati masih kekal dan tidak berubah. Haryati menderita dan bercerai dengan suaminya. Zainuddin masih setia menunggu cinta Haryati. Haryati juga masih cintakan Zainuddin. Persoalannya, mengapa Zainuddin masih tegar menunggu cinta Haryati walaupun dirinya pernah dilukai ?

Supaya dia (Haryati) tahu bahawa Zainuddin mengotakan janjinya bahawa dia tidak akan mencintai dan mengahwini sesiapa melainkan dirinya.

Bagaimana pula dengan apa yang berlaku pada diri kita ? Supaya kita tahu bahawa….

Going Down

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When the day goes on, a heart will feel loneliness and it seems there is no subject or object either needs to be discuss even sharing it. You have no point to start a conversation with anybody and speechless. It feels like stranger in the world that you live on, due there is no places to release and burn your problem. Certainly, our mind was thinking that its more better to keep the problem hidden and locked it behind your heart rather than you expose it. This such an encounter painfulness that no one else know except your heart, but when the problem comes, you might feel unsupported, discourage and nobody will pitying at you.

These scenes could effect your heart, mind and the most is masculinity. Try to imagine how depress you are to handle this circumstances with no one besides you. You have no wife, fiance and no friends indeed not all personal matters can be sharing with siblings even u got a same blood. You don’t have FB, Twitter, My Space to create a new dimension to hang out with your networking and pen pal, otherwise those method doesn’t really give a good solution for what you are facing now.

As a result, don’t let your problem reveal to anybody and slowly let it goes. Be a men full of value. If anyone doesn’t want to hear the voice of your heart, let the mind feel it and simultaneously make assessment how to be a good mukmin and loyalist slave to Allah. Throw all the matters that you have been facing to your prayer and i sure u wouldn’t feel regret because Allah is the Almighty Listener.

Sometimes i note things in myself that are in need to reform. Sometimes i see things in others in need of change. As human beings we are not perfect. All people make mistake, and not all of us so generous for being forgiver. However, we can aim to be better. In this post, i do not simply write to my good readers. I also write reminding myself of this message and always remember where i first learnt the value of the life and appreciate it.

Sometimes i feel myself going down to face the day. I have nobody to backed me up. But i still have a hope.


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About 2 weeks ago, i had outstation from UTM. And last week,  i went a journal workshop at Batu Pahat. When UTM becoming first Autonomy University in Malaysia overtook another RU, all the staffs clapped their hands expressing the happiness for this achievement. Otherwise, we are crying in silence to deal with this such of autonomy university. The MOHE a.k.a Ministry Of Higher Education also leave all management, performance and Kpi fully by-handed to UTM.

We agree in this term of autonomy but on the other side, its will affect the entire of the human life. Your life will always thinking about journal, journal and journal. No journal, it means no output. Without output, your Kpi will going down, and what is our solution ?

Playing the game. Dare to failed.

Curing Head Injuries

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Head injuries can dramatically increase the chances of someone committing violent crime, a study has found. In a group of 22,914 traumatic brain injury victims, almost 9 per cent went on to commit acts of violence after diagnosis – three times the rate in the general population. The British and Swedish scientists who carried out the research defined violent criminals as those convicted of homicide, assault, robbery, arson, sexual offences, or illegal threats or intimidation. Epilepsy was also investigated as previous studies had suggested it can increase the risk of violence, but scientists found no significant association between it and violent crime.

I got this statement from Independent Newspaper UK, u can refer directly to this link

If we want to relate this problem with Islam, absolutely Islam has solved this disease for along time ago. Because in Islam, 5 principal should be protected seriously. First Deen, second brain,third soul, fourth heredity and last asset. It means, Islam playing the most important role to curtail any violent criminal from separate to our society. In terms, we couldn’t denied the number of criminals in Malaysia was increased from day to day and there is no other way for us solving this matters, except we must go back to Islam and seriously practices al Quran and as Sunnah.

Islam is the way of life. The way to keep our head from injuries and destruction.