Dedicated To Syeikh Nuruddin Marbu Banjari al Makki

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On last Friday, 30th Disember 2011, i had attended “Kuliah Talaqqi” that was presented by Syeikh Nuruddin Marbu Banjari al Makki. The kuliah was started after Subuh prayer and ended before Asar prayer. In that session, i had asked Syeikh 2 questions. First, why did he named his book with “Mujarrabat al Makkiyyah” ? Because after i had seen the contents of the book, its make me wanted to ask more and more. Al Makkiyyah ? Stands for what ? We are already known the al Makkiyyah is the verses that was dropped in Mecca instead its also was happened before Hijrah. From the verses and discussion of the book, its not only Makkiyyah verses but Madaniyyah perhaps more than Makkiyyah, and thats why the question was emerged. Syeikh answered, i took al Makkiyyah as a name of my book because, i had learned and studied for along time at Mecca. And thats how its name.

If Syeikh also disappointed the number of attendance in this Kuliah Talaqqi, the organizer also should feel like that. Islamic Centre had ran so many advertisement to ensure the participation would be amaze, suddenly its not happened. I’m more disappointed because this Kuliah Talaqqi was made in the amid of the university, but its couldn’t attracted much participation. To Islamic Centre, i’m appreciated for invited Syeikh Nuruddin to deliver his speech, for me, Syeikh Nuruddin is not only Ulama for Indonesian and Malaysian, but for the entire Asian respectively.

Second questions i had asked Syeikh to elaborate is the meaning of the Hadeeth that i was recited in front of him. I asked this Hadeeth to Syeikh because its related with my thesis despite i’m also confused and what the Hadeeth is all about. Afterwards, what Syeikh said to me ? “You should correct your reading of this Hadeeth” it means referring to arabic grammatical error. Hahaha. Shame on me. From his comments, i took opportunity to accelerate and sustain my arabic grammar skill from now.

The part thats always make me remembering what was Syeikh said is, “even though you have becoming and achieving the highest academic achievement, if you still can’t admit the truth of Islam and practices its principal properly, you are too far from the guidance (hidayah) Allah Taala”. Praise to Allah, because with His bestowed, i could met  Syeikh Nuruddin before upcoming new year 2012.

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