Curing Head Injuries

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Head injuries can dramatically increase the chances of someone committing violent crime, a study has found. In a group of 22,914 traumatic brain injury victims, almost 9 per cent went on to commit acts of violence after diagnosis – three times the rate in the general population. The British and Swedish scientists who carried out the research defined violent criminals as those convicted of homicide, assault, robbery, arson, sexual offences, or illegal threats or intimidation. Epilepsy was also investigated as previous studies had suggested it can increase the risk of violence, but scientists found no significant association between it and violent crime.

I got this statement from Independent Newspaper UK, u can refer directly to this link

If we want to relate this problem with Islam, absolutely Islam has solved this disease for along time ago. Because in Islam, 5 principal should be protected seriously. First Deen, second brain,third soul, fourth heredity and last asset. It means, Islam playing the most important role to curtail any violent criminal from separate to our society. In terms, we couldn’t denied the number of criminals in Malaysia was increased from day to day and there is no other way for us solving this matters, except we must go back to Islam and seriously practices al Quran and as Sunnah.

Islam is the way of life. The way to keep our head from injuries and destruction.

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