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About 2 weeks ago, i had outstation from UTM. And last week,  i went a journal workshop at Batu Pahat. When UTM becoming first Autonomy University in Malaysia overtook another RU, all the staffs clapped their hands expressing the happiness for this achievement. Otherwise, we are crying in silence to deal with this such of autonomy university. The MOHE a.k.a Ministry Of Higher Education also leave all management, performance and Kpi fully by-handed to UTM.

We agree in this term of autonomy but on the other side, its will affect the entire of the human life. Your life will always thinking about journal, journal and journal. No journal, it means no output. Without output, your Kpi will going down, and what is our solution ?

Playing the game. Dare to failed.

One thought on “Journal

    pozycjonowanie krakow said:
    26/01/2012 at 3:25 am

    Hello We just loves your charming editorial thank you and please carry forward

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