Going Down

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When the day goes on, a heart will feel loneliness and it seems there is no subject or object either needs to be discuss even sharing it. You have no point to start a conversation with anybody and speechless. It feels like stranger in the world that you live on, due there is no places to release and burn your problem. Certainly, our mind was thinking that its more better to keep the problem hidden and locked it behind your heart rather than you expose it. This such an encounter painfulness that no one else know except your heart, but when the problem comes, you might feel unsupported, discourage and nobody will pitying at you.

These scenes could effect your heart, mind and the most is masculinity. Try to imagine how depress you are to handle this circumstances with no one besides you. You have no wife, fiance and no friends indeed not all personal matters can be sharing with siblings even u got a same blood. You don’t have FB, Twitter, My Space to create a new dimension to hang out with your networking and pen pal, otherwise those method doesn’t really give a good solution for what you are facing now.

As a result, don’t let your problem reveal to anybody and slowly let it goes. Be a men full of value. If anyone doesn’t want to hear the voice of your heart, let the mind feel it and simultaneously make assessment how to be a good mukmin and loyalist slave to Allah. Throw all the matters that you have been facing to your prayer and i sure u wouldn’t feel regret because Allah is the Almighty Listener.

Sometimes i note things in myself that are in need to reform. Sometimes i see things in others in need of change. As human beings we are not perfect. All people make mistake, and not all of us so generous for being forgiver. However, we can aim to be better. In this post, i do not simply write to my good readers. I also write reminding myself of this message and always remember where i first learnt the value of the life and appreciate it.

Sometimes i feel myself going down to face the day. I have nobody to backed me up. But i still have a hope.

One thought on “Going Down

    mujahidmukminm said:
    30/01/2012 at 5:47 pm

    menyentuh hati…share la..aku kan abg…

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