Millions Of Sorry :(

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Yesterday, on 27 January 2012, on my way to my sister’s house at Jalan Kebun, Klang  accidently i had a doom day. I drove my brother in-law’s (Zailan) car and hit the divider road at section 9, Shah Alam nearest  Celcom Centre. I thought the accident was too heavy because the sound was frightened me. But Alhamdulillah, its just a simple crack (i guess, but others maybe not) under the body car. Apparently, 2 policemen came and asked about the problem and one ‘hamba Allah’ also gave a help to us. I would like to wish Jazakallah Khairal Jaza’ for those who being kind to assist us.Why i drove my brother in law’s car ? Because, before we went to Klang, Zailan had asked me to help him drive his car instead he also doesn’t know the way to my sister’s house, otherwise i was thinking to save his energy before he goes back to Terengganu together with my young sister, Nurjihan. May Allah protects them along the journey.

I want also to apologize to Zailan because not proper in driving his car until was occured an accident. Millions of sorry.

Moral : Don’t just said sorry, but try to feel the owner conscience even his pleased for what happened.

Islamic Thought : The compensation is compulsory accordance to Islamic Jurisprudence, then the case closed.

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