The Meaning Of Togetherness

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I took this opportunity to wish Barokallah La Kuma Wa Baroka Alaikuma Wa Jamaa’ Bainakuma Fi Khair to Sharul bin Abdul Razak that getting married with Nurul Husna on yesterday, Saturday 28/01/2012 at the Tun Teja Community Hall, Rawang, Selangor.  Sharul is IT Officer at UTM Corporate Sector that conducted the whole of UTM website and his wife was a fresh graduate medicine doctor. Congratulations for both of them, hopefully their marriage will sparkling with blissfulness and always getting continuous blessing from Allah S.W.T.

To my loyal friends and my neighbourhood such as Fadhil (Phd student in Science Com., beside me wearing sunglasses), Malik (Engineer a.k.a M.A student, behind me and near with the bride), Hafis (Programmer, also behind me and near to Fadhil) and Haider (M.A student of Science Com., wearing MU shirt) and the rest were their friends in the same faculty and reunited during this occasion. Actually, we are coming from the same roof of UTM, and i was appreciated to them because very pleased to pick me up at my sister’s house at Klang even they were already reached at Shah Alam and turn back to Klang just to realize the meaning of togetherness. Without their kindness, i really can’t go to Sharul’s wedding.

When i had mentioned about the meaning of togetherness, it will make my mind remembering to somebody that always keep me thinking until now ‘when ever we are facing any misunderstood@crisis that could rumors our relationship, we should solve it with togetherness’. This advice always popped at my head to put me and myself describing how the important of honest, loyal and trustworthiness in any relationship.

At the end, wishing Sharul & Husna happiness with their marriage and Barokallah La Kuma for the second time.

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