Al Fatihah To Ust. Dr. Ismail’s Father (Hj. Mustari bin Karjo)

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At the morning, Ust. Nurazmallail called me informed that Ust. Dr. Mohd Ismail bin Mustari father’s had pass away at his house at Felda Bukit Ramun, Kulai. I shocked about this new and hurry up to go there as soon as possible. The funeral will be at 9.30am. I on my gps to locate the destiny, but it doesn’t worked. Maybe my gps was ayam branded. So i thinking to call Ust. Idris Ismail and Praise to Allah because he still not on the way to go there, and the same time he also thinking to find partner to go to Felda Bukit Ramun. I accompanied Ust. Idris.

We failed to reach the destiny at the moment of the funeral. Directly we went to Ust. Dr. Ismail father’s house. Many people were rushing to wish a huge of condolences to Ust. Dr. Ismail including me. I huged Ust. Ismail and the huged wasn’t ordinary. This kind of hug is the sign of sadness, patient for what happened and ‘redha‘ for what Allah did to him and his family. I had a little conversation with Ust. Ismail and he passionately story to me for what happened to his father during 2 days before he pass away. For me, Ust. Ismail doesn’t as my Tuan Guru, but his also as my brother and my idol.

I took a long breathe to see what had happened today, because two weeks ago, i had just gave Maghrib lecture at Pulai Perdana Mosque, replaced Ust. Azhar and the topic that i discussed was “Ahwalul Qubur” (the chaos of the grave) by Imam Qurtubi and its keep me sense to look forward to get preparing for the next world. Many of us are always happy, greedy to make a lot of money and still not satisfy with the wealthy that have been achieved and the consequences of that, it will keep you hooked from thinking to invest a lot of  fund for the day afterlife and unfortunately we will not thinking about the death.

Ust. Ismail’s father was died at the age 80 years old. His destiny is confirm and so us. But the matter for us is the time. But to Haj Mustari bin Karjo he was the luckiest father because Allah has bestowed him a “waladun solehun” that always keep funding and rewarding to him until the day afterlife.

I’m asking myself “can i be a waladun solehun” (good son that always sending reward to his parent upon their dead)?

One thought on “Al Fatihah To Ust. Dr. Ismail’s Father (Hj. Mustari bin Karjo)

    mujahidmukminm said:
    30/01/2012 at 6:27 pm

    Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun…Takziah buat Ust. Ismail dan keluarganya. Semoga Allah tempatkan arwah dikalangan orang2 yg soleh. Kita yg masih hidup ni teruskan berusaha, sungguhpun gps kita berfungsi atau sebaliknya belum tentu kita dapat sampai tepat pada kedudukan Ahlul Jannah sepertimana yg diidamkan seluruh orang mukmin.

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