It’s time to be a ‘frog under tempurung’

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Something I would care about, is the weather of political scenes right now. Even the GE 13 had already left away right into the corner, the turmoil is still whispering in mass media. My mind expected what i shouldn’t expected. Many speculation and suprisingly we made justified by only reading a blog or newspaper or fb. Since when all of these roles becoming sources of our mind? How we wanna make prediction to know whether this right or wrong? How fast we claimed the person right and the others were wrong? Can’t we reflected of all mistaken that we have done back to ourself? What should I do now? To whom I should believe? Utusan? Bharian? Kosmo? Hmetro? Tv1, Tv2, Tv3, Oohh..please. Since now, I much like to be a ‘frog under tempurung’.

We should make rehabilitation about our journalist ethics and manners. Dedicated to all journalist, please put your words and sentences in the right position and don’t manipulation the issues. Cause almost of the people has thought your words as a ‘wahyu’. But officially, you are not a Gabriel, but you is only just a speculator, make hypothesis based on your causalities and interpretation. Fear to Allah, cause any words that has written and published will be considered as your ‘amal’, if you write a good things with notion of trustworthy, that is your fortune and you should be rewarded by Allah, but if contrary instead of made ‘fitna’ the best way is, you should return to Allah and evoke Him to forgive you.

Presently, our journalist doesn’t seems to fix and write what was really happened in our society instead of always flowering the same issues. They were just spreading the news and blamed somebody neither to protect the people and society nor solution. They wanted and created the issue that will make a lot of profits. As long as the news are gotten them hell profit, they called it truth. The ridiculous thing, when a people also say it is truth. That is the big disaster of our information. That’s why Islam has protected the truthful of information through the knowledge of ‘Al Jarah Wa Ta’dil’. Did you acknowledge about this knowledge?

Let me give you 2 cents advises. If we deeply make research about what is the ‘Al Jarah Wat Ta’dil’ we will noticed that not all of the journalist is deserve to be a journalist. In this knowledge, Islam has made fully assessment to all of narrators. Including their personal life, does he or she truth, liar, clever, stupid, fair, unfair and how’s their self-esteem? All of these figures has been concluded in ‘Al Jarah Wat Ta’dil’. They is no one exception. By right, it’s easier for you to distinguish which hadith is sohih, hasan, dhoif and mauduq.  How about today, do we have recorded a journalist attitude, behaviour as well as predecessor did for along time ago to evaluate the authentic of hadith? Why can’t we? We are so advanced in technology and communication, with just one click, all could be happened. Why we still persist ignoring the liars keep on telling the information, data and news? Are we sense about this? Unless we also a liar and we can live and breath with this dirty environment.

That’s why i made diversion to read a lot of books, i mean material books rather than read a lot of online news such magazines, newspaper, websites and so on. If you wanted and addicted it so, try to filter which is good and benefit for your ‘deen‘ and knowledge. Care about the news and matters that happening around of us which is more important, and try to re-alive and relates it with what Allah said in Al Quran and His Messenger our Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). Today, the news is driven by assumption and perception. Sometimes we make assumption to what we really don’t know. At the end, the media will dominant us, blind our mind, make us fool and we believe it much over Al Quran and As Sunnah. If it is happened, FANTAZIRUSSAA’H…


One thought on “It’s time to be a ‘frog under tempurung’

    TMD said:
    30/05/2013 at 3:04 pm

    Now is the era of too many distraction and unfairness in everything.
    That’s also why in social media, I only read and care about charity organization, and the Rohingya and other muslims all over the world. No Need to poke around about political issues that they playing. Helps ease the mind though through reading books.

    Really missed the old times…school and study times I mean. Jihadun fisabilillah, surrounded by books.

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